Embrace the bush during lockdown

Two words – DON’T SHAVE!

Waxing slows down and reduces hair growth. Hair also grows much thinner, making it easier to remove and less painful when waxed. Shaving even just once in between waxes will negate all that is gained from waxing and can also irritate follicles causing ingrown hair and prickly hair growth.

The safest is option is to go ‘full-bush’ and let it all grow out then make an appointment as soon as we are open again but if you can’t deal with not being bare down there, we’ve got some tips on home-waxing.

How to wax safely at home:

  1. When using any waxing product, it’s important to sanitise the area prior to starting. This will remove any perspiration and bacteria and give a clean base for the product to adhere to without causing irritation
  2. If you’re using a strip wax product, a small amount of talc can be applied as a barrier. Strip wax does adhere quite firmly to the skin, so only go over the area once as repeating the step could remove parts of the skin
  3. If you’re using a hard-wax product please follow the recommended advice from the supplier, it will either be an oil or talc base, again to protect the skin. Hard wax does not stick to the skin it only adheres to the hair; you can wax over the same area twice so long as a small amount of the barrier product is used again. Hard wax is better for sensitive areas such as underarm and bikini as this is terminal hair which is coarser than vellus hair found on your arms and legs
  4. When applying the wax, apply it in the direction of hair growth and remove against the direction of hair growth to give best results and ensure the bulb of your hair is removed from the root
  5. For the best technique ensure that you hold and stretch the skin whilst removing the wax strip to prevent erythema (redness) on the epidermis. An aftercare product can and should be used to close and clean the pores

While at home waxing might not be ideal, there are still lots of reasons why waxing is the hair removal treatment of choice for many of us.

Please feel free to message Madison if you would like any advice or guidance on waxing.

Why not take a look at my Hair Removal Treatment and decide which treatments you’d like to book when the salon reopens.

Hope to see you all again soon, stay safe, Madison xxx

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