Anti Wrinkle injections

This is a neuromuscular blocking injectable drug, which basically means it stops the transmission of chemicals that tell muscles to move. When you apply the product to those tiny facial muscles that cause your face to wrinkle, it allows the skin to flatten out and appear younger. As an added benefit, it can also help with migraine headaches.

  • 1 area £150
  • 2 areas £200
  • 3 areas £250

For men’s anti wrinkle injections £50 will be added to the prices above.

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Lip enhancement filler

This is Hyaluronic acid that is being injected (HA) a natural product we already have in our skin.

My aim is to look at your lips and give you the most incredible natural enhanced lips possible. We want people to look at you and think that you have beautiful natural lips.

  • 0.5ml £140
  • 1ml £170
  • 2ml £280

Upgrade lips to Juvederm filler brand.

  • 0.5ml £200
  • 1ml £250
  • 2ml £350

Cheek contouring with filler

Cheek filler can create high, defined cheek bones and a beautiful protuberance of the cheek which can be a huge beauty enhancement and is also incredible for anti ageing.

  • 1ml £180
  • 2ml £250
  • 3ml £350
  • 4ml £450
  • 5ml £550

Jawline contouring with filler

A defined straight jawline is a sign of youth and beauty. We concentrate on making you more beautiful. Not, more masculine.

  • 1ml £180
  • 2ml £250
  • 3ml £350
  • 4ml £450
  • 5ml £550

Chin contouring with filler

The chin frames the face. It’s the most underestimated part of the face in terms of beautification. A perfect balanced chin can add more beauty than any other area in the face.

  • 1ml £180
  • 2ml £250
  • 3ml £350
  • 4ml £450
  • 5ml £550

Upgrade cheek, chin or jawline to Juvederm filler brand

  • 1ml £250
  • 2ml £350
  • 3ml £450
  • 4ml £550
  • 5ml £650

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Vitamin B12 injection

Vitamin B12 is a boost of vitamin which can:⁠

  • ⁠Increase energy levels and concentration⁠
  • Improve metabolism and helps with weight loss⁠
  • Boost the immune system⁠
  • Help improve sleep patterns⁠
  • Help stop certain types of hair loss⁠
  • Help the growth of nails and hair⁠ and a lot more
  • £35
  • ⁠Course offer – buy 5 get 1 FREE = £175


⁠The treatment contracts the skin in order to achieve a more streamlined, youthful appearance.

  • Small area – chin, knees and back of bum £100
  • Medium area – lower stomach, upper stomach, inner thighs and lower back £180
  • Large area – full stomach, outer thighs, hips £240

Information on treatments:

Aqualyx injections break down fat in a controlled way, so your body can safely remove it through its lymphatic system. This simple and effective procedure shrinks double chins as well as improving the definition of the jawline.

Aqualyx typically requires a course of two to eight treatments with a 4 week interval between each session. You should expect some swelling which can take up to 3 weeks to subside. Although the fat doesn’t come back, it should only be used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and is only intended for dealing with small pockets of fat rather than for providing a complete weight loss solution.

Unlike liposuction, Aqualyx normally leads to a degree of skin contraction too, so you’re less likely to end up with loose skin around the areas which have been treated.

Areas which can be treated include: Stomach (upper and lower), hips, legs, knees, back, hips and chin.

What can I expect during this treatment?

After a pre-treatment consultation with Madison who will mark out the area of concern, Aqualyx is mixed with Lidocaine (anaesthetic) before injection for greater comfort and a number of injections will then be administered in a fan effect to ensure the area is fully covered.

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£35 booking deposit will be required which is fully redeemable against treatment. If you need to cancel, no less than 48 hours notice is required, your deposit will not be refunded but can be transferred to a new booking within a week of the original date booked and can only be changed once.

Unfortunately deposits will not be refunded in any circumstances due to the purchase of products at the time of booking in preparation for your appointment.


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