Male grooming is on the rise and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry.  At Madison Beauty I offer a range of male treatments which are becoming increasingly popular, check them out below and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Price list


Eyebrows strip/hot wax £10

Nose £8

Half leg (lower) £20

Half leg (upper) £23

Three quarter leg £25

Full leg £28

Full arm £16

Half arm £14

Underarm strip/hot wax £12

Back £23

Chest £23

Back and chest £41

Shoulder £15

Facial Treatments

All Mary Cohr facials and Skin Base microdermabrasion treatments can be booked as a male treatment – visit our Facial Treatments for further details and prices.

Nail care

Manicure £15

Includes hand & cuticle soak, cuticles cared for, massage with a finishing buff leaving revitalised nails.

Luxury Manicure with Paraffin £25

Includes our basic manicure procedure with the addition of exfoliation, paraffin wax and warm mitts to hydrate and nourish the skin and nails.

Pedicure £20

Includes foot and cuticle soak, cuticles cared for, exfoliation, hard skin buffed and massaged plus a finishing buff leaving revitalised nails.

Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin £30

Includes our basic pedicure procedure with the addition of paraffin wax & warm mitts to hydrate & nourish the skin & nails.

Callus Foot Peel From £20

Can be added to any pedicure. Melts dead skin around the sole of your foot and helps get rid of cracked heels, pain free.
£20 x 1 area
£35 x 2 area

Body Treatments

All massages come with a consultation before treatment. Pressure will depend on each individual client and whether you want more of a relaxing or a tension release massage. Swedish massage warms up the body, releasing the tension and gradually breaking up the muscle knots.

Swedish Full Body Massage (1 hour) £45

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins) £25

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage £50

Deep Tissue Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £30

Indian Head Massage (30 mins) £27

Back Scrub (15 mins) £15

Full Body Scrub (30 mins) £25

Sienna X spray tan £20

Professional spray tan available in a range of shades.

Sienna X Express spray tan Tonight's the Night £22

For Him package £70 (80 mins)

Express facial; back, neck and shoulder massage; plus scalp massage.

Hopi ear candle £35

This is an ancient and natural therapy used to regulate pressure in the sinuses and aid drainage, stimulate the lymphatic system and clear away toxins. The Hopi ear candle is inserted just inside the ear and the lit flame creates a gentle suction which draws the impurities from the inner ear.

Users of Hopi ear candles have reported success in treating balance and inner ear problems, build up of wax, ringing in the ear, tinnitus, hearing difficulties and sinus problems as well as colds, 'flu, sore throats, stress, headaches and migraines. The treatment is suitable for children and is a good alternative for people who have found syringing uncomfortable.

Gift vouchers are available.

24 hour cancellation fee applies.