Price list

Eyebrow Tint £10

Eyelash Tint £16

L.V.L Lashes and Tint £55

A natural, low maintenance treatment, it will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes without lash extensions. It brightens & widens your eyes.

Eyelash Extensions £70

Semi-permanent individual eyelashes, perfect for daily wear or an active lifestyle, you can swim, shower sleep with these lashes on. Lasts up to 3/4 weeks then you will need to come in for an in-fill to keep them looking full.

In-fills (2/3 weeks) £30 / £35

Adds lashes back in the areas where your lashes have shed and grown.

Eyelash removal £15

HD Brows £28

7 steps to the perfect celebrity brows.

Patch testing

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to any tinting, LVL Lashes or HD Brows treatments.

Gift vouchers are available.

24 hour cancellation fee applies.